Every great love
starts with a great story - Nicolas Sparks
The Notebook.

There are as many stories in India as there are grains of sand. Stories that are as old as the mountains and the rivers; from as far and wide as the lay of the land. Told a million times, retold a billion times, these stories have been the constant stream of consciousness that flowed through generations, through each of us, and helped shape our own personal narratives. Storytelling is an art; and storytellers, the sculptors of our psyche. Udaipur Tales is a celebration of both.

Be a Delegate at Udaipur Tales!

Come to Udaipur for a remarkable weekend of storytelling. More than the story, it's the way it's told that makes it endearing.

Inclusive of 2 lunches and dinners

Join the first of its kind International Storytelling Festival in India.

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Tribute Restaurant Udaipur

89/B, Behind Monika Complex, Near Ambamata Temple, Rang Sagar, Ambamata, Udaipur,
Rajasthan 313001 | Phone: 070731 23954

Contact : Rananjay Singh Bhandari - +91 7023963191
Email: info@udaipurtales.in

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Udaipur Tales is conceived as a platform for storytellers––both Indian and International––to showcase their material, and in turn enlighten, entertain and encourage a discerning audience both in India and abroad. Read More


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Rananjay Singh Bhandari
+91 7023963191

Email: info@udaipurtales.in

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